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Family Academy is a foundational component of the NAZ “cradle to career” pipeline. It empowers parents with education targeted to their children’s specific development stages. All NAZ families enroll in the Family Academy program that fits their goals. The program design bridges content expertise with the peer expertise of the Engagement Team to deliver high-impact strategies that parents use to build a culture of achievement at home.

The parenting strategies are presented in ways that are relevant to lives of NAZ families and that value parents’ unique strengths. The knowledge conveyed by the curriculum comes to life in the families’ ongoing goal planning process with their Engagement Team.

Program Components

  • Three-hour sessions that meet for approximately 13 weeks
  • Parent education curriculum (strategies, empowerment, discussion)
  • High-quality classroom settings for children
  • Early childhood assessments offered to all children, with results given directly to parents
  • Transportation, a healthy breakfast, stipends, sibling care and early childhood supplies
  • The program is embedded within the NAZ education continuum, ensuring ongoing support

NAZ facilitates program delivery; Minneapolis Public Schools is the first to provide school facilities and teachers; and the University of Minnesota’s Center for Early Education and Development at the Urban Research Outreach-Engagement Center provides curriculum, supports the model development team and is conducting a validation study that is sponsored by the Brady Education Foundation.

For more information contact Andre Dukes, NAZ Family Education Leader at adukes@the-naz.org; or Dr. Lauren Martin, UROC Family Academy Principal Investigator at mart2114@umn.edu.