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"I'll be going to Normandale College for PSEO. I'll be able to use any of their stuff on campus; I'll be able to use the weight room, the swimming pool, the computer lab, the library -- so basically it's like I'm going to be an official student at Normandale and also be a student at South. I have a lot I can say I'm proud of, but that's something that I really had to push for." #NorthFaceFriday
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Jamar’s Journey to Kindergarten


Squeezed for time between work and school, Taya and Courtney Morgan relied on relatives, part-time childcare, and evening work shifts to make sure someone was watching the children. But they realized their patchwork childcare was hurting their son. Ever shy, Jamar wasn’t talking much, writing on paper, or reaching other key developmental milestones.

A friend recommended the Northside Achievement Zone, which provided grants for the Morgans to enroll their children at [Family Partnership’s] Children’s First Program. There Jamar will receive occupational and speech therapy in addition to teaching that will prepare him for kindergarten. But already, he has made strides academically.
“It’s like he belongs there,” said his relieved mother.
-Excerpt from the StarTribune, March 10, 2013 by Jeremy Olson

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