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"I'll be going to Normandale College for PSEO. I'll be able to use any of their stuff on campus; I'll be able to use the weight room, the swimming pool, the computer lab, the library -- so basically it's like I'm going to be an official student at Normandale and also be a student at South. I have a lot I can say I'm proud of, but that's something that I really had to push for." #NorthFaceFriday
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Moving from Expulsion to Academic Success

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Third grader Nevin struggled with behavioral problems and was expelled from NAZ partner Ascension Catholic School as a result. In partnership with the school, NAZ staff met with Nevin’s mom, Tina, to brainstorm solutions. Over the course of a few meetings, “Team Nevin” strategized a multi-pronged approach to keep the child in school.

 Angelica Sanchez, the NAZ Academic Navigator at Ascension, now spends thirty minutes of every school day with Nevin, helping him transition into the classroom in the morning. She also checks in with him throughout the day. “He looks forward to our check-ins,” Angelica says. “It’s given him confidence.”

NAZ Connector, Shatika Coleman, meets regularly with the family to ensure they have the support they need, and to connect them to the NAZ behavioral health network. Meanwhile, Tina gets her son to school on time every morning and helps him with his homework.

Since implementing this team approach in December 2015, Nevin has done a 180-degree turn. “The child’s behavior has been amazing,” says outgoing principal Dorwatha Woods.

 When we align resources around a single child, the results can be life-changing. Now that Nevin is attending school regularly and better able to manage his emotions, his learning potential is limitless.

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