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Alicia | Family Achievement Coach/Honorary Decorator in Chief

Alicia's passion for children is matched by her talent for decorating. She works hard at Northside Child Development Center (NCDC) as a co-located coach and then goes home to follow her passion for design. Alicia shares...
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Priority Actions

100% families in Family CoachingAll Family Achievement CoachesReview and update in process goal steps for end of calendar year cleanup11/26- 12/21
6 families attendMastery Family Achievement CoachesRecruit parents to attend upcoming Kwanzaa Program. See link for additional details.12/10- 12/21

Recent Opportunities

Family Academy Winter ClassesFoundations, CBS, and CBB classes beginning in February 2019Register: Delilah Montgomery dmontgomery@the-naz.org
Winter CoatsOperation Warm has left over coats from a KIPP distribution. Sizes 5/6. Michael Shelton, mshelton@the-naz.org
January and February Career Trainings AvailableFive new trainings for start in January & FebruarySee Portal> Opportunities > Career Trainings for more info