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Stability Leads to Success

James’ family was struggling financially and moving every few months. Without a stable home, James’ academic performance suffered, and he showed up at kindergarten not ready to learn...
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Priority Actions

20 NAZ families are active recipients of the ATS housing subsidyHousingSupport families with application and housing search
Data Cleanup: 100% school and EC subtabs enteredAll Family Achievement CoachesReview your roster to confirm each enrolled scholar has either a school or EC subtab entered
(Tip: use the age filter to show only individuals 0-18 years old)
30 families fully enrolled on each rosterNSJ, KIPP, Mastery, AscensionAs directed by your manager, recruit families and complete the enrollment process with each household until your roster reaches the target.1/27-3/1
Data Cleanup: 100% EC scholarship subtabs entered for ALL enrolled EC scholars (including not interested and ineligible)All Family Achievement CoachesReview EC Scholarships report in iZenda folder #01. Enter subtab data for all EC scholars on your roster not showing in the report
(Tip: use the age filter on the roster report to show only scholars 0-5 years old)
2/21 - 3/15


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