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Adrienne | NAZ parent

A few years ago, Adrienne was lost. Her first son, Achilles was still in diapers and her second, Prince was on the way.

“I had a lot of things going on. I was dwindling in addiction.” She was in a tumultuous romantic relationship and not able to hold down a good job. At the same time, some past indiscretions were catching up with her and Adrienne got into legal trouble.

Fast forward to today and the transformation has happened that is like night and day. When Adrienne talks about her life now she shines.

“Right now, my life is amazing. I’m in the best place I’ve ever been, in work, love, financial, in every way. I [can’t] remember, being this happy or content, or this satisfied about where I am right now.”

Adrienne’s sons, Achilles 4 and Prince 3, both attend New Horizon Academy on the Northside.

“I didn’t want them to be mentally set back in any way. I want them to be ready. Kindergarten and pre-K ready.”

Her scholars were enrolled in New Horizons when she heard about NAZ and started working with a Lucretia, a NAZ Family Achievement Coach. “I am one of those people who are open to better myself. I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the fact that we had to make goals for ourselves. I fell in love with the fact that [Lucretia] was personable and she cared. And she listened to me and she knew what I needed.”

In our College Bound Babies and Foundations classes, she was able to learn and tap into a healing community.

“You come together and learn all these new things and get all these new tools, I’m all about tools. I felt like getting together with other women [I was able to] break some of those generational curses we grew up with.”

Adrienne has touched every part of our ecosystem and worked with several partners to become the inspiring woman she is today. She truly embodies what is possible when the NAZ Collaborative activates our proven strategies. And when dedicated coaches like Lucretia make meaningful connections with our neighbors.

You can read her whole story in the February NAZ newsletter. Sign up here: http://eepurl.com/dutdpD