Results Plan

The NAZ Results Plan can be viewed in two ways:

  1. A singular overarching NAZ document created to describe and determine our practice. In this case, this Results Plan Master 2017-18 document can be presented as a whole, like a book with separate chapters;OR
  2. Multiple documents described in five plans, each describing a strategic area of the ecosystem, held together by the “00 Result Plan: Effective Collaboration” section. In this case, think of each document as five separate books, which together make a series, to which the Effective Collaboration section is the preface in each one.

Results Plan Master 2017-18

00 Results Plan: Effective Collaboration
01 Result Plan Parent Engagement & Education
02 Results Plan: Early Childhood
03 Results Plan: K-8 Academic Success
04 Results Plan- High School into College Success
05 Results Plan Family Support

Click link to see the results of how NAZ has collaboratively implemented previous plans:
Current Results Summary and Evaluation Reports