NAZ Specialists

PPL Specialists Support Specific Family Goals

PPL Housing and Care Specialists are experts in program areas and help parents and children access services within our partner network.

Just as Family Achievement Coaches help families to set and achieve goals, PPL Specialists help families reach their goals in specific areas (i.e. housing, career, etc.).

PPL Housing & Career Specialist

PPL Specialists partners directly with NAZ parents to set and achieve goals in housing and career/finance so they have increased economic ability and housing stability, and their children can succeed academically. Specialists empower parents and providing them with “high-touch” support to:

  • Set and achieve goals,
  • Help them access partner programs and resources (such as career training/pathways and affordable housing), and
  • Provide coaching support along the way.

PPL Specialists collaborate closely with other NAZ staff and partners within the NAZ ecosystem.