A Parent Taking Leadership of her Child’s Education

Though her daughter Jhanae was diagnosed with a learning disability, NAZ parent Ethrophic Burnett made sure she remained unaware of it. “I wanted her to stay focused on her potential and the possibilities, not on her limitations and assumed future,” she says. Then, shortly before high school graduation, Jhanae discovered her learning disability and became convinced that she was broken.

“She heard a message of don’t try, you’re going to fail anyway,” Ethrophic recalls. “That would make any one of us furious as parents. The sky is the limit!” So together with her NAZ academic coach, Ethrophic encouraged and supported her daughter. They pushed Jhanae to apply herself, and Jhanae, in turn, worked hard, graduating from NAZ Anchor School, Patrick Henry, in spring 2015. She is currently working full-time, and plans on attending MCTC in the spring of 2016 through the Power of You Program.

Ethrophic is dedicated to her daughter’s success and does whatever it takes to support her children to succeed in school and life. She was able to advocate for Jhanae and partnered with the school and her team to ensure her scholar had fair and equal access to her education, and post secondary options.

Ethrophic is also committed to the success of the entire Northside community. She works as a Community Engagement Specialist at Urban Homeworks, is a member of the NAZ Parent Advisory Board, and serves on many other boards and committees.

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