Member List

The following individuals, organizations, businesses and foundations are NAZ Friends of the Future members. We thank each of them for their critical leadership and support. If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Future, please contact Kenneth Scales at or 612.594.8294.

*Members of the Friends of the Future Leadership Team.


Abigail Rose and Michael Blum
Addison “Tad” Piper
Adele Della Torre
African American Empowerment Net.
Aimee and David Hatlestad
Al & Susan Fan
Alicia and Marc Belton
Alison Balan
Andrea Larson and Blake Berquist
Andrea Mueller
Ann Altepeter
Anne and Dick Higgins
Ann Masten
Ann Ruff
Anne and James Long
Annie Gillette Cleveland*
Art Rolnick
Arthur and Emily Monaghan
Banks & Co.
Barbara and Don Wallace
Barbara Brin
Barbara Butts Williams
Beatty Group, Inc.
Bill and Debi Roth
Bill and Barbara Beard
Bill and Kate Cullen
Bonnie and Lee McGrath
Brian Mogren
Bruce and Tracy Mooty
Bruce Murray
Caroline Amplatz
Carolyn Taylor
Cathi and Jos Griffioen
Cecelia Caspram*
Cheryl Mayberry
Christi Strauss
Christine Levens*
Christopher and Serene Warren
Cindy Clague
Cindy Royce
Clinton Roberts
Courtney Kiernat
Dania Toscano Miwa*
Danyika Leonard
David and Barbara Henderson
David and Jennifer Miller
David Piper
Dee Enebo
Dee and Aaron Glass
Diane Lindquist
Dick Senese
Donald Hennings
Edward and Karayn Cunnington Family Foundation
Elaine Sloan and Ross Moen
Elizabeth Foy Larsen
Elizabeth Gale Sharpe
Elizabeth Halloran
Ellen Hoeg
Eric Dayton
Erika Binger
Erin and Darren Peterson
Erin Vannelli
Eva Rasmussen
Fifth Quarter Enterprise
Florence and Neal Cohen
Frank Janezich
Gail and Robert Buuck
Gayle DeVries
Gilligan Foundation
Gloria and Phillip Smith
Good Samaritan United Methodist Churc Gumer Alvero
Harry Piper
Heidi Akpaette
Heidi Dodd
Helen Ackerman
Helen and Robert Boyd
Herb and Virginia Morgenthaler
Ian Friendly
Ilo and Peggy Leppik
Ilse Akbar
Irv and Marjorie Weiser
Jaime Wright
James Carney
James & Stephanie Kent
James and Josie St. Peter
Jamie Wilson
Jane and Oswald Wyatt
Jason Bowles
Jason Clopton
Jason Vinar
Jaton White
Jay and Page Cowles
Jean and Richard Clarke
Jeff Cotton
Jeff Huggett
Jeff and Mary Werbalowsky
Jefferson Partners L.P.
Jeffrey Hassan
Jeni Shoemate
Jennifer Bratton
Jennifer Goloboy
Jessica Amelar
Jim Toscano*
John Larsen
John and Mary Anne Mauriel
John and Mary March
John and Kristine Sabes*
John Whitaker
John W. Mooty Foundation
Josie and James St. Peter
Joy Davis
Joyce and Tom Hansen
Julia Silvis
Julie and Mike Drysdale
Julie and Bob Sullivan
Julie Wohlford
Junior League of Minneapolis
Justin and Kristine Stets
Karen Bachman
Karen Grabow*
Karen Kelley-Ariwoola
Karen and Eric Kaler
Karen and Peter Gabler
Karen Schneider
Karen Wilson Thissen and Paul Thissen
Karin Van Dyke
Kathy and Paul Vaaler*
Kathy Klingen
Kathy Parten
Kathy Schmidlkofer
Kate Mortenson*
Katie and Mark Mortenson
Kenneth and Karen Charles
Kermit and Christine Fruechte
Kevin and Lisa Armstrong
Kristi and Kevin Hykes
Kristin & Jim Bender
Laura Juergens
Lawrence Hendrickson and Barbara Forster
Laysha Ward and Bill Kiffmeyer
Laurie and Jason Brandenborg
League of Catholic Women
Leslie King-Schultz
Linda and Jesse Singh
Linda and John Massopust
Linda and Mark Nyvall*
Lisa Walker*
Lizzy Shay*
Lou Burdick
Louis and M.K. Smith
Luann and B. Andrew Brown
Lucretia Williams
Lynn Casey
Lynne and Andy Readleaf
Maggie and Brad Johnston
March Family Foundation
Marcia Townley
Margee and Will Bracken
Marin Byrne
Mark and Rita Nupen
Mark Skipper
Martha and Jim Hartfiel
Martha and Richard Olson
Mary Brainerd
Mary Racciatti
Mary and Ben Whitney
Mary & David Plumb
Mary & Frank Forsberg
Mary and Rich Ostlund
Merle and Mort Kane
Father Michael O’Connell
Michael Myhrom
Mike and Anne Ciresi
Minna & Colin Brooks
Nancy Anderson
Nancy Gaschott
New Impact Fund
Nora Whiteman
Norm Rickeman
Patricia Connelly
Paul and Mary Reyelts
Penny Hunt
Pentair Foundation
Peter Bell and Sharon Bottorff
Peter Kellenberger
Rafina Larsen*
Reba Dominski
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Renee Burke
Richard and Linda Johnson
Robert Boyd
Robert Lux
Ronald Williams
Samir Islam
Samsara Foundation
Samuel Nolley
Sandra Vargas
Sara and Kevin Hackler
Sarah Bridges
Sarah Borchers
Sarah Kesler
Sarah Reed
Sarah and Steve Kumagai
Sarah and Randy Dodge
Scotty and Peter Gillette
ShaVonda Allen
Sheila Morgan*
Shoemate Family Foundation
SIT Investment Associates Foundation
Standard Heating and Air Conditioning
Steve Healy
Steve and Paula Buege
Sue Bennett
Sue DeNuccio
Sunrise Banks
Susan Colby
Susan Gunderson
Suzanne and Rick Pepin
Suzanne Congdon LeRoy
Suzanne Tacheny Kubach
Sylvia and Sam Kaplan
Terry Egge
The Basilica of St. Mary
The Langdon Inc.
The Saul Winton Fund
Theodore Cornwell
Thomas & Libby Horner
Thomas Leighton
Thomas Sanders
Thomas Thul
Thor Construction
Tiffanie Boyd
Tim and Jill Geoffrion
Tim and Kelsey Schuster
Tim and Tara Clark
Tim Manning*
Tim Marx
Tim O’Brien
Tisa Mitchell
Tom and Libby Horner
Tom Borman
Tom Siering
Trent Blain
WEM Foundation
Wendy K. Bennis
William and Patty Lisberg
Xander Hector