From Nearly Dropping Out to Enrolling in College

Richard was an unmotivated student nearing the end of his senior year. Many of his friends had dropped out, and he was lagging behind. After his mother enrolled his family in NAZ, their Connector knew she had to step in to help him graduate and graduate on time. Richard is the oldest of nine children. His Connector grew up in a similar situation, and told him, “I know it can be difficult, but you can’t give up. If you drop out, then you’re telling your little sisters and your little brothers that it’s okay to drop out too.”

Before NAZ, Richard had not given a single thought to college. NAZ arranged a tour of our partner Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC), which opened his eyes to the many possibilities of his future.

That was the little extra push Richard needed. Once he realized all the opportunity that lay ahead after graduation, he was determined to get his high school diploma. Richard’s Connector made sure he was doing everything he needed to do to graduate on time.

Because of Richard’s commitment to a successful future, he graduated from Plymouth Youth Center at the end of May and will begin classes at MCTC in the fall. Richard has become a great example for his younger siblings. He has also inspired his mother to get her GED. As their Connector told them, “When you succeed, we all succeed.”

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