James Gets on the Right Track

James was a senior in high school and a graduate of North4, which is a joint NAZ/EMERGE program that offers NAZ-enrolled young men a path out of gangs. He’s the father of a toddler and lives with his mother. Due to his past gang involvement, James was very concerned about the safety of his family.

When meeting with his NAZ Connector, James said, “I just want to help my mom.” His Connector replied, “You will be able to do that one day, but first you have to help yourself.”

Two months later, James shared with his Connector that he was on the verge of being homeless. The Connector encouraged James and his mother to to meet with the NAZ Housing Navigator to explore housing options. With the support of our housing partners Project for Pride in Living and Urban Homeworks, James and his family kept their housing.

With their housing stabilized, both James and his mother have set new goals around finding better careers through our Career & Finance supports.

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