Jaquan Gets a Team of Support

Eight-year-old Jaquan was placed in Level 4 special education and suspended from his NAZ after school program due to behavior. Jaquan’s NAZ Academic Navigator brought together “Team Jaquan” to problem solve. This team includes his mother, teachers and a school administrator, after-school program staff, the NAZ Behavioral Health Navigator, and his NAZ Connector.

He was quickly connected with behavioral health support through our partner Washburn Center for Children, who now work with Jaquan on his anxiety. His teacher and after school program are working adopting a more effective approach to recognizing and addressing behavioral health issues in their scholars, so these scholars are less likely to be removed from the learning environment.

With Team Jaquan supporting him, he has moved up to a Level 1 special education program, returned to his after school program, and set his own academic goals.

After a really hard day at school, his Academic Navigator asked if anything positive happened. He said, “Well, I found out today that I love to learn”.

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