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NAZ Allies are valuable members of the NAZ donor community. By committing to ongoing monthly donations, NAZ Allies provide reliable resources to the families and scholars in our collaborative as they work towards their achievement planning goals.

This year Allies will be striving to Rise to the Promise. NAZ Allies will be committing to help end multi-generational poverty in north Minneapolis so that NAZ scholars can have the tools they need to fulfill their academic promise.

2019 will be a year of great events and opportunities. Every quarter NAZ will host an event to celebrate and inform the community of the outcomes that we are striving to reach together. As a NAZ Ally, you are a member of a thriving philanthropic community that is passionate and dedicated to sustaining the movement of ending generational poverty on the Northside of Minneapolis.

To find out more about NAZ Allies, contact Ilse Larsen at

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