Even before COVID-19, Minnesota had some of the largest gaps in the nation — by race and socioeconomic status — on measures of standardized test scores, graduation rates, and college readiness.

These gaps are growing in the perfect storm created by this pandemic, the economic recession that followed that is disproportionately affecting Black families in North Minneapolis, and the longstanding racial inequities and injustices that have caused health and income disparities for decades.

We are at a critical inflection point, holding pain in one hand, and hope and opportunity in the other – determined to use the power of this moment to drive seismic, structural transformation for our children and our state.

NAZ knows in moments like these; it takes three critical things for our scholars to be successful: strong, vibrant schools (whether remote, hybrid, or in-person); healthy families and neighborhoods; and above all else, children who understand their limitless potential and are supported in what they dream for their future. It takes a holistic solution. Systems that support our students and sustain their families. And above all else, a collaborative approach that is able to deliver the difference. A difference where every single child’s potential is acknowledged and supported—where every child can succeed.

This is why we’re launching NAZ NOW: Claiming Our Future, a one-year community campaign for North Minneapolis

The NAZ NOW goals are simple:

  • Raise $5,000,000 to support NAZ’s vital work;
  • Attract 500 new annual fund donors to NAZ from across the community and the country; and
  • Commit to a pledge of 3-5 years— Ensuring NAZ has the support it needs to be here for the children and families of North Minneapolis long into the future

If ever there was a moment to dig a little deeper, to reach a little further, it’s right now! We are asking you to share in our vision—to invest now in a different kind of tomorrow for North Minneapolis and our entire country.

NAZ EIN: 30-0238807