Parents ‘N Power – Part 3: The Importance of Reading Readiness

Recently, this cohort of NAZ Parents ‘N Power took a cultural journey into the past in learning the history of language, phonics, and reading of the ancient Egyptian language, facilitated by The Network for the Development of Children of African Descent. This education allowed participants to connect it to the importance of reading readiness. They learned strategies to partner with their young scholars to create culturally academic and social skills by learning in depth the importance of early learning and reading.

Thirteen parents completed the four week virtual workshop which included an online graduation, certificate of completion and an offering of free Sankofa reading tutoring for their children with the mission of raising reading levels upon completion. They also got free African American children books, and access to the program’s resources.

Congratulations to Camarra Winters, Anthony Jefferson, Ebele Onwuagba, Rasheda Jenkins, Divena Davis, Elisha Jackson, Iesha Jackson, Pamela Wright, Colette Benette, Dymen Acrum, Staci Redmond, and Tamara Campbell! Thank You Parents ‘N Power for shining the power within you for our future. These individuals are committed to building community around children and driven and dedicated to best educational outcomes for them.

If you know a parent or caretaker who champions for community and family and would like to learn more about these workshops contact Parent and Community Mobilization Coordinator Karla Smith at