The new realities associated with the COVID–19 crisis have not slowed down our commitment to Northside families and scholars. There is a wide technology gap that many of our families are facing as a result of the closure of non-essential services like libraries and community organizations (aka, the digital divide). While we understand that to keep Minnesota safe, closing these vital resources is necessary, these closures mean that the services they provide are not available to the most vulnerable populations. Our goal is to do all we can to mitigate the widening of the tragic achievement gap during this time.

To that end, we are launching the NAZ Family Emergency Fund to raise additional resources for the needs that are not being met elsewhere, such as: 

  • Internet access, school supplies, and other things needed for at-home learning
  • Utility bills, phone minutes, and transportation costs
  • Last-minute basic needs including food, diapers, and other personal hygiene items

Join us to ensure that this crisis doesn’t create a deeper gap for our scholars and families, who feel the challenging effects of poverty under the best of circumstances.