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UPDATE 3/2019: Changes to our Collaborative Learning and Evaluation Approach

NAZ is assessing our process for cultivating and using learnings from quantitative and qualitative data to drive innovation, continuous improvement, and collective impact. To create capacity for this effort, we are temporarily pausing our Results NAZ evaluations. This decision is based on a pivot point NAZ is in, taking stock of key learnings from our years as a Promise Neighborhood and beyond.

During this pause, NAZ remains committed to utilizing insights from former Results NAZ cycles to drive our work as well as data we collect and use ongoing. Our methodology will continue to align with our core values including being data-driven. We have a new Senior Director of Collaborative Learning role, are strengthening our Data Innovation Team, and have a new VP of Program & Impact role. With this added capacity, we will create a process that is geared to support critical learning on the ground, catch and lift up successes and insight about what works to support policy and resource mobilization as we work toward impacting broader change in North Minneapolis. Additionally, we will also be launching a national learning institute so we can share our learnings, strategies, and tools with other communities. We expect this process to take no more than 6 months and our new methods will be up and running by mid-2019.

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