NAZ Ball 2014: FAQ For Staff

Are all staff required to work at the NAZ Ball?

Yes, all staff, both exempt (salaried) and non-exempt (hourly) are expected to work at the ball in some capacity. Non-exempt staff should work with their supervisor to figure out when to flex their schedule so that they do not work more than 40 hours during that week. Exempt staff do not need to flex their schedules.

All staff will have a name tag that identifies you as a NAZ team member.

Do staff need to purchase a ticket?

Staff members do not need to purchase a ticket for themselves. See detail on guest tickets below. Once you have registered for a job at the Ball, you will be registered to attend as well.  You will not receive a paper ticket.

What if I have a schedule conflict?

If for some reason you cannot attend the Ball, you should talk with your direct supervisor.

What is the role of Navigators and Connectors?

Navigators and Connectors should plan to sign up for “ambassador” positions.  Ambassadors should be moving around the event greeting guests and answering questions about their role at NAZ.

Ambassador position description: Ambassadors will greet at least 10 guests throughout the night and have a conversation with them about NAZ. Talking points will be provided.

What is the role of hourly staff who are not Navigators and Connectors?

These staff should choose one of the other roles available on the shared “2014 NAZ Ball Staff Roles” sign-up sheet.

What is the role of Directors and Managers (exempt employees)

Directors, managers and/or non-exempt employees will be assigned a specific role by the Development Team.

Can I bring a guest? 

Yes, each NAZ staff can bring one guest at the $30 price (additional guests will be the regular price of $100). Tickets can be purchased through Mindy Plewacki.  Guests will be registered into the system and will not receive a paper ticket.

How many guests can I bring? 

Each staff can bring one guest.

Staff Dress Code

Ball guests will be very dressed up. Please plan to wear the nicest thing in your closet.


Staff can park in any ramp near the Marriott or on the street. Staff that work at the Ball can submit to be reimbursed for parking costs if they have a receipt. Staff are encouraged to car pool.

Mileage Reimbursement

Mileage reimbursement is available to anybody transporting a NAZ family. Per IRS code, mileage reimbursement is not available to staff travelling directly from home to the Marriott.

Drink Tickets

Drink tickets will be available for the NAZ Ball signature cocktail with limited availability. NAZ will not be providing additional free drinks to staff or guests.