Tiffany Wilson-Worsely, Family Achievement Program Director

Tiffany Wilson-Worsely
Tiffany Wilson-Worsley supports the work of NAZ’s education pipeline and the coaches and specialists from early childhood to college levels. Her work is centered on identifying efficient ways to track and replicate educational achievement for scholars using the NAZ two-prong approach to eliminating generational poverty. Tiffany has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Grambling State University, and a Masters in Family Youth and Community from the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development.

Tiffany is deeply connected to the community and to NAZ’s mission: she grew up in Miami and defied the odds as an African American woman raised in poverty. Her interests lie in furthering her education around the integration of social policy, issues of poverty, and faith. She is committed to being of service to groups and individuals who are often overlooked by society. Her discipline, analytical skills, and personal investment are key assets to NAZ’s implementation team and to the future of the Northside.