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S  C  H  O  L  A  R    
S  P  O  T  L  I  G  H  T

Leadership runs in the family. Meet Miles Shelton, a second-grader at KIPP MN and Michael Shelton his dad and NAZ Family Achievement Coach. 

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C O L L A B O R A T I NG : 
B E H A V I O R A L  H E A L T H

We have to have a level of not just teaching competency, but we have to have a level of cultural awareness that’s much deeper than your ability to teach a class.

– Chantelle, Family Academy Facilitator, Northside Institute observer

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S U S T A I N I N G  A 
M O V E M E N T  O N  T H E
N  O  R  T  H  S  I  D E    F  O  R  E  V  E  R   

OCTOBER 30, 2018 | 12:00pm — 1:00pm 
The Depot 225 3rd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Our signature annual fundraising event, One Future Luncheon, will take place from noon to 1 p.m. at The Depot on Tuesday, October 30. Our goal is to reach $1 million in one hour! Our theme this year is Northside Forever Inspired by the blockbuster release of Black Panther, we’re creating our own utopia of love, security, and unlimited opportunity for the children on the Northside — making the story a reality.

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting this event and helping to sustain the important work we do with our invaluable partners.


You can follow the One Future Luncheon events online by following the hashtags #1FL18 and #NorthsideForever.

This year’s Keynote Speaker will be Ravi Norman, CEO of Thor Companies, one of the largest African-American-owned businesses in the country. The luncheon will feature speeches from Rhonda Johnson, NAZ parent, and NAZ President and CEO, Sondra Samuels.


NAZ sets goals with our scholars and families. The data collected is invaluable in creating new goals and markers of success. Our collaborative can work together effectively and openly when we share this data across partnerships. 


Recommended reading from NAZ Leadership
Resmaa Menakem’s book is influencing behavioral health initiatives at NAZ

“’The racial divide’ is not like a time zone or the Mason-Dixon line. We can’t heal white-body supremacy and white-skin privilege without addressing and healing trauma.”

Many of us here at NAZ have read or are in the process of reading this book to expand our understanding of trauma. Resmaa Menakem places the body at the center of behavioral health that is fresh and well-researched. 

“[M]y parents immigrated here from Somalia almost 20 years ago, I am among the first generation of my family to even attend kindergarten, let alone college … In pushing boundaries, I’ve learned to value education and going to college. Not just because I wanted to break a couple of rules, but because my parents didn’t have that opportunity.
– Shaadia | NAZ Scholar, Patrick Henry High School, Graduate, Rising Freshman, Augsburg College 

“I have the chance to work with families who remind me of myself and how I grew up. I was able to have close mentors who supported me through my own journey as I became successful in my own right. I can now be that mentor for someone else.”
– Dennis | New NAZ Family Achievement Coach at KIPP

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