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NAZ’s game-changing approach is working, with the collaborative seeing stronger results than ever. This is the first year there was a statistically significant difference in math and reading proficiency across all grades  first through eighth grade — between NAZ and non-NAZ scholars, according to independent research firm Amherst H. Wilder Foundation (Wilder).

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N  A  Z   S  C  H  O  L  A  R    S  P  O  T  L  I  G  H  T


At 16 years old, Dontayeah Hill has turned challenges into accomplishments. 

“I’m on the honor roll, I do hair, I’m in school, and I just got my third job in my life and I’m only 16 years old.”
– Dontayeah Hill

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C O L L A B O R A T I V E   C O M E S   T O G E T H E R
T O   A D D R E S S   T R A U M A 


The Mastery School is changing the way our schools work with trauma, and with the support of a strong network, Paula Bump is ensuring that not only her teachers and students have a successful year, but her entire staff.

“Washburn and Jaton, a NAZ Health Access Specialist, did professional development with the whole staff — everybody from teachers to maintenance were there … Now, they’re coming in weekly and building tools for teachers on how to work with children with trauma and what they’re facing now.” 
-Paula Bump

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J  O  I  N    U  S    O  N    T  H  E    N  O  R  T  H  S  I  D  E


MARCH 20, 2018 | 5:30pm — 7:00pm | Utepils Brewing

Join NAZ and the NAZ Allies for a Spring kick-off at Utepils Brewing.

Be among the first 50 guests to register and receive a free drink token. Enjoy free appetizers and a brief and fun presentation about NAZ’s work. Revel in an energizing social atmosphere filled with Minnesotans who are proud to be leaders of change.

# N  O  R  T  H  F  A  C  E   F  R  I  D  A  Y


“Last quarter, I had like three F’s, I wasn’t doing very good. I was goofing off, just didn’t want to do the work. And then my mom came and made me start doing it. [My coach] Kani helped me a lot.

He helped me strategize a way to get the work done. After we strategized and got the work organized, I did it — because I actually put the effort into it. Those F’s turned into B’s.”
– Avery | NAZ Scholar at Henry, Class of 2020


“We pay for medical through our job. For me, I want to get an operation. My son is allergic to tree nuts and also fish and he doesn’t have an EpiPen right now; to have an EpiPen is like $400. So the questions become: does he have to die because he’s allergic to fish or do we not pay our mortgage because he needs an EpiPen? Just knowing that we can save a year’s worth of daycare is immense.” 
– Resheda | New NAZ Early Childhood Scholarship Recipient

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