Northside Achievement Zone

The Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) Promise Neighborhood exists to end poverty in North Minneapolis through education. Together with our partners, we are supporting hundreds of low-income families as they put their children on a path to college.

To achieve this bold goal, we operate within three pillars:

  1. Partnering with parents to inspire belief and build the skills needed to support their children’s academic success, and to lead a community transformation.
  2. Create an effective education pipeline from early childhood to college.
  3. Support whole-family success so children show up ready to learn.

Working with NAZ, two generations are now lifting themselves out of poverty—and they are backed by a whole community of support.


NAZ Ball Tickets on Sale!

Join us November 1 from 7-midnight at the Marriott City Center to celebrate and support the positive change that is happening in North Minneapolis! Read more »


NAZ Enrollment is Increasing

As of mid-year 2014, NAZ has 660 families with 1,640 children enrolled! We will share our year-end enrollment in early Jan.


Family Academy Graduation

Join us at the beautiful and historic Capri Theater to applaud NAZ families who have completed an intensive NAZ Family Academy course and are newly equipped with the skills and tools they will need to support their scholars on the path to college.  The graduation ceremony will leave you smiling the whole weekend and you'll be proud to have played a role.  Read More...