The Ballmer Group – the philanthropic organization of former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and his wife Connie – have committed to a five-year, $10 million grant to NAZ!

“The grant should inspire and challenge all Twin Cities business and civic leaders to lean in and work together in support of NAZ,” General Mills CEO Ken Powell said.

NAZ will use a portion of its campaign investment to launch a 3-year early-learning scholarship fund of $1 million a year for low-income NAZ families.
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Results NAZ

Results NAZ is a monthly roundtable discussion with NAZ staff, partner organizations, our Board of Directors, and Parent Advisory Board, which focuses on important data points relevant to one of the 11 action areas. Results NAZ discussions are open to the public. Read more or see a visual representation of the Results NAZ process.

Results NAZ Meeting Material Archives

June 15, 2017: High School to College Success

November 17, 2016: Family Engagement

November 2, 2016: ExL

September 8, 2016: Early Childhood

February 18, 2016: Housing

January 21, 2016: Anchor Schools

November 19, 2015: Family Engagement and Family Academy

October 15, 2015: Career and Finance

July 16, 2015: Early Childhood Data
Data outcomes were measured against the Early Childhood Solution Plan

April 16, 2015: Housing Programs Data

February 19, 2015: Expanded Learning (ExL) Programs Data
Data outcomes were measured against the Expanded Learning Solution Plan

December 18, 2014: Early Childhood Data
Data outcomes were measured against the Early Childhood Solution Plan

November 20, 2014: Family Engagement Data
Data outcomes were measured against the Family Engagement Solution Plan