Our spring kick-off event starts soon and it's not too late to join the party! Stop by after work to enjoy free appetizers and a fun presentation about the kind of work NAZ does!

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NAZ Allies Spring Kick-Off

March 20, 2018, 5:30pm - March 20, 2018, 7:00pm

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Mission & Values

NAZ Mission

The NAZ is a collaboration of organizations and schools partnering with families in North Minneapolis to prepare children to graduate from high school ready for college.

  • Our purpose is to end multigenerational poverty within North Minneapolis.
  • Each enrolled family moves through a “cradle-to-career” ecosystem that provides comprehensive support from pre-natal through college to career.

Shared Values

These values are the foundation of our work with families across the collaborative:

  1. Our Children Will Succeed: We believe that all children in North Minneapolis can and will succeed in school, in college, and in life—regardless of family background or past performance in school. Our actions with NAZ children match this belief.
  2. Families are Leaders: Every Northside family has assets and strengths. We believe a culture of achievement can only be built from within the community—one family at a time. We partner with families to set and achieve their goals, and bolster their belief in themselves and the expectation that their children will go to college.
  3. High Expectations with High Supports: Extremely ambitious expectations are set for NAZ students, families, partner organizations, and staff. The accountability for these outcomes is rigorous—but so are our supports. Every parent and student receives one-on-one support through our “high-touch” process, connecting them with programs and services across our partner organizations. All NAZ partners will support each other in an ongoing continuous improvement process.
  4. Driven by Data: Our resources are dedicated toward measurable outcomes for children and families. Success is gauged by results for children and families, not programs and organizations. NAZ partners work together to build evidence-based solutions that drive measurable improvements with NAZ families. We track the progress of each child toward kindergarten-readiness, grade-level achievement, and college readiness. If the data shows that we are not effective, we will revise our plans until we get it right.
  5. Relationships are the “Work”: We are creating transformative change built on strong relationships. We first work to change ourselves. Then, through our relationships, we invite change among organizations, families, children, and systems. Together we increase expectations, break down silos, and build accountability and alignment. We operate under the assumption of good intent in our interactions with each other, especially as we work through difficult issues together.
  6. Collaboration Creates Prosperity: NAZ partners built one system of support for families. This system is made up of many equal partners who are committed to working together for the success of NAZ children, including: parents, organizations, schools, funders, government, and faith institutions. We believe that our collaboration will have more than enough momentum to reach a tipping point of sustainable community transformation and prosperity.
  7. Diversity and Cultural Responsiveness: As we scale up to partner with more than 1,000 families with 2,500 children, we will be reflective of the diversity in our community—while targeting resources where the achievement gap is greatest. The rich diversity of our families is an asset to be woven into our processes and systems of support/service. NAZ staff and partners will embed cultural responsiveness within our work.
  8. Starting Early and Staying Long-Term: We work side by side with families from before birth through college, providing comprehensive support designed to impact a child’s education and life trajectory. We support the success of the whole family.