Our Funders

Thank You Funding Partners!

*This list is for donations given during Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017).

$1 Million and above

The Ballmer Group Philanthropy
Bush Foundation
General Mills Foundation


Caroline Amplatz
Greater Twin Cities United Way
McKnight Foundation
Minneapolis Foundation
Mortenson Family Foundation
Otto Bremer Trust
Kristine and Jon Sabes
The Edward J. Phillips Family Foundation
The Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi Foundation for Children
U.S. Bank

$50,000 – $99,999

Frey Foundation
I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation
Land O’Lakes, Inc. Foundation
Kim and Stafford Nelson
Smikis Foundation
The Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation
WEM Foundation
Laurie and Jason Brandenborg

$25,000 – $49,999

Ameriprise Financial, Inc
Clifton Larsen Allen Foundation
ECMC Foundation
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
John Morgan
Patty and David Murphy
The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota
Victor and Christine Anthony Family Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999

Jay Cowles and Page Knudsen Cowles
Dominium Partners Charitable Fund
Reba and Paul Dominski
Karen Grabow and Keith Halperin
Land O’Lakes
Langwater Foundation
Kathy and Allen Lenzmeier
M. A. Mortenson Company
Mike and Liz Manning
March Family Foundation
Joyce and Dick McFarland
Sheila Morgan
Sue Hayes and Michael O’Connell
Erin and Darren Peterson
Cindy and Addison Piper
Rose Francis Foundation
Saunders Family Foundation
Shoemate Foundation
Jill and Tom Siering
Sit Investment Associates Foundation
State Farm Companies Foundation
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation
The David Winton Bell Foundation
The Don and Judy Fund of the Kotula Family Foundation U.S. Bank Charitable Services Group
The Ivan Bowen Family Foundation
Thrivent Financial
United HealthCare
Margaret and Angus Wurtele

$5,000 – $9,999

Beaverdale Foundation
Best Buy
Bob Biesterfeld
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Klerissa and John Church
Ciresi Conlin LLP
Tara and Tim Clark
Jeff Cotton
Everett L. Amis Foundation
Gilligan Foundation
Barbara Forster and Lawrence Hendrickson
Carrie and Richard Higgins
James D. Leslie Family Foundation
John W. Mooty Foundation Trust
Pam and Peter Kellenberger
Suzanne and Douglas Kubach
Terri LaRae
Marvin and Betty Borman Foundation
Medtronic Volunteer Grant Program
Minnesota Community Foundation
Rafina Y. Larsen / Larsen Fund
Cheri and Art Rolnick
Debra and Lowell Stortz
The Weiser Family Foundation
Rima Torgerson
Lynne and Doyle Whitacre
Xcel Energy

$1,000 – $4,999

Alice M O’Brien Foundation
Gumer Alvero
Devon Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Karen Bachman
Kristin and Jim Bender
Wendy K. Bennis
Andrea Larson and Blake Berquist
Greg Blockhus
Peter Bell and Sharon Bottorff
Jason Bowles
Mary Brainerd
Jennifer Bratton
Sarah Bridges
Barbara Brin
Minna and Colin Brooks
Aaron Brown
Luann and Andy Brown
Kristianne and Dan Buechler
Paula and Steven Buege
Renee Burke
Capella Education Company
James Carney
Cecelia and Arun Caspram
Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis
Kenneth Charles
Jean and Richard Clarke
Annie Gillette Cleveland and Fritz Cleveland
Florence and Neal Cohen
Susan Colby
Theodore Cornwell
Corporate Volunteerism Council – Twin Cities
Kate and Bill Cullen
Megan Dahlberg
Delta Dental of Minnesota
Sue DeNuccio
Gayle DeVries
Heidi Dodd
Sarah and Randy Dodge
Doug and Martha Miller Family Fund
Julie and Mike Drysdale
DST Systems Inc.,
Matching Gifts Program
Teriece and Andre Dukes
Terry Egge
Andrea Mueller and Ephi Eyal
Shannon Fast
Linda and Michael Fiterman
Meleah and Chuck Follen
Mary Heer-Forsberg and
Frank Forsberg
Sara and Dale Forsberg
Dayna Frank
Carol and Ian Friendly
Karen and Peter Gabler
Mary Gardner
Jill and Tim Geoffrion
Scotty and Peter Gillette
Dee and Aaron Glass
Mimi Gleekel
Jennifer Goloboy
Cathi and Jos Griffioen
Susan Gunderson
Sara and Kevin Hackler
Jeffrey and Margaret Hall
Martha and Jim Hartfiel
Aimee and David Hatlestad
Dianne Haulcy
Carol and Bud Hayden
Mark and David Haynes
Steve Healy
Sarah Hernandez
Karen and John Himle
Tom Hoch
Ellen Hoeg
Ted Holmes
Libby and Tom Horner
Christina and Mike Huck
Diane Lindquist and Jeff Huggett
Penelope Hunt
Kristi and Kevin Hykes
Jobs for the Future
Anne and Scott Jones
Karen and Eric Kaler
Merle and Mort Kane
Sylvia and Sam Kaplan
Karen Kelley-Ariwoola
Samuel and Eman Kemp
Stephanie and James Kent
Ben Kerl
Sarah Kesler
Laysha Ward and Bill Kiffmeyer
Reatha Clark King
Leslie King-Schultz
Adele Della Torre and Spencer Kubo
Sarah and Steve Kumagai
John Larsen
Dawn Martin and Greg Lehman
Danyika and Alexander Leonard
Margaret and Ilo Leppik
Bob and Janet Leslie
Nancy and John Lindahl
Linden Hills United Church of Christ
William and Patti Lisberg
Anne and James Long
Louis and Mary Kay Smith
Family Foundation
Katie Murphy and Kevin Ludke
Sherry Lund
Robert Lux
Tim Manning
Ann and Steve Masten
Frances and Michael McCloskey
Jeninne McGee
Jennifer Miller
Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce
MN Chapter ACP
Elaine Sloan and Ross Moen
Herb and Virginia Morgenthaler
Alice and Mort Mortenson
Kate and David Mortenson
Katie and Mark Mortenson
Michael Myhrom
Bruce Nerland
Nolan Family Foundation
Samuel Nolley
Linda and Mark Nyvall
Francine and Tim O’Brien
Rhonda and Rory O’Neill
Mary and Rich Ostlund
Suzanne and Rick Pepin
Mary and David Plumb
Jody and Octavio Portu
Mary Racciatti
Lynne Singer Redleaf and
Andrew Redleaf
Sarah Reed
Kathy Murphy and Norm Rickeman
Debi and Bill Roth
Cindy Royce
Nora Whiteman and Thomas Rush
Ryan Companies
Megan O’Hara and R.T. Rybak
Sondra and Don Samuels
Schindele Family Fund
Elizabeth Foy Larsen and Walter Schleisman
Karen Schneider
Tim and Kelsey Schuster
Chad and Sheila Schwitters
Rajiv and Rajni Shah
Elizabeth Gale Sharpe
Jeni and Jeff Shoemate
Julia Silvis
Linda and Jesse Singh
Gloria and Phillip Smith
Soran Foundation
James and Josie St. Peter
Standard Heating and Air Conditioning
Paul Stanuch
Vicki and Jeff Stolt
Tara Sullivan
Julie and Bob Sullivan
Sunrise Banks
Kurt and Laura Taken-Holtze
Katherine and Jeff Tane
Jonathan Taves
Carolyn Taylor
TCF Foundation
The Church of St. Joseph the Worker
The Mauriel Family Foundation
Thomas Thul
Richard Todd
United Health Group
Caroline and Andrew Vaaler
Kathy and Paul Vaaler
Karin Van Dyke
Erin and Mark Vannelli
Jason Vinar
Barbara and Don Wallace
Heidi and Todd Westby
Heidi and John Whitaker
Joseph White
Mary and Ben Whitney
Jamie Wilson
Julie and James Wohlford
Hunter and Adam Wright
Jane and Oswald Wyatt
Michael Zweigbaum

$999 or less

Hannah Aarsvold
Carolyn Aberman
Adams Family Charitable Fund
Charles Adams Jr
Ushama Adoga
Advance Consulting LLC
Simone Ahuja
Maija Aittola
Heidi Akpaette
Mary Alden
Brittany Alexander
Tynise Alexander
Melanie Allen
Tesha Alston
Amazon Smile
Mary Anne Anderson
Susan E. Anderson
Scott Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Kathryn Anderson
Jennifer and Glenn Andis
Angie Andresen
Sue and Philip Ankeny
Apple Inc
Liz Olney Arms
Kevin and Lisa Armstrong
Janet Arnold
Anne Aronson
Ann Aronson
Andrew Arsham
Akua Asare
Latasha Atkins Lee
Pam and Joe Axberg
Britta Babel
Julie Backer
Ryan Bahe
Mary Kay Bailey
Laurence and Barbara Baker
Kelly and John Baker
Alison Balan
Nicholas Banovetz
Bill Barberg
Dianne Bari
Kaitlyn Barnard
Geoffrey Barnard
Kate Barr
Sara Barrow
Sylvia Bartley
Susan Bass Roberts
Betty Battle-Johnson
David Baur
Lynn Bebeau
Maureen Beck
Mikkel Beckmen
Lauren Bedosky
Deb and Ken Behringer
Cat Beltmann
Erik Bender
Mary Jo Berendt
Peter Bernard
Alice and Charles Berquist
Cheryl Bethune
Steve Beuning
Jennifer Bielstein
Brian and Tiffany Bierbaum
Carol Bierbaum
Megan Bigelow
Erika Binger
Allegra Birdseye
Beth and Steve Birke
Joann Birkholz
Patricia Blakely
Jonathan Blakley
Amy Blenker
Andrew Bloomquist
Kristine Boesen
John Boisclair
Sarah Borchers
Boston Consulting Group
Michael Boulette
Helen and Robert Boyd
Margee and Will Bracken
Thomas K. and Linda K. Brandt
Yaniv Brandvain
Lindley and Connie Branson
Andrea Bredow
Bremer Bank
Calie and Ryan Briese
Virginia Brown
Leonard Brown
Andrea Brown
Josephine Marcotty and Anthony Brown
Antonia Brown
Jessica Broyles
Terryl Brumm
Ann Brummer
April Bryant
Michael Buchner
Alyssa and Adam Buckalew
John Bueche
Brian Bumann
Jillian Kahn Burch
Chuck Burdick
Deb and James Burke
Sally Burns
Cassidy Burns
Brandie Burris
Melissa Burwell
Mary Buschette
Marin Byrne
Tiffany Calderon
Teri Calderon
Chris Campbell
Karla Carlson
Marianne Carolan
Carolyn Foundation
Carolyn Carter
Melvin Carter
Sarah Caruso
Karen Casanova
Amanda Cashman
Caterpillar Global Paving Corporate
Elizabeth and Michael Cavadel
Joe Cavanaugh
Lama and Mohamed Chebaclo
Clare Chisholm
Jean Christensen
Jen Chung
Church of St. Patrick of Edina
Cindy Clague
Danielle Clarke
Linda Clasen
Elizabeth Cleveland
Jason Clopton
Christy Coaty
Taryn Coghill
Tameka Colbert
Shatika Coleman
Patty Connelly
Cathy Connett
Erin Conroy
Shannon Cordes
Allison Corrado
Eli Cortes
Joanna Cortright
Jeanne Corwin
Anna Cousin
Magaret and Robert Cox
Cassie Cramer
Steve and Deborah Cramer
Julie Craven
Hilary Cronon
Amy Culbert
Iris E. Cumberbatch
Elizabeth and Gregg Cummings
Jo Cunningham
Betsy Hodges and Gary Cunningham
Sarah Curfman
Tanner Curl
Mary Jane Curran
Natalie Dahl
Jason Daisy
Donna Dalton
Katie Dammann
John and Cheryl Davenport
Elizabeth Carraro and David Lindsey
Phillip Davis
Joy Davis
Charlotte Davnie
William Davnie
Bridget Dawkins
Andrea Day
Laura Day
David Dayton
Jessica Debner
James DeBuse
Jennifer DeCubellis
Andriel Dees
Ann Degroot
Sarah Deitch
Mary and Gerald Devine
David Devine
Julianna Simon and John Dickoff
Adrienne Diercks
Frederick Dietrich
Trang Do
Martha Dobratz
Nicole Dobratz
Bridget Dockter
Cindy Dogan
Michael Dominowski
Carrie Donovan
Yvonne and Jim Dorsey
Tiaka Doughty
Robert Droddy
Jenna and Deitan Dubuc
Kate Duffy
Jean Dunn
Dacia Durham
Tiffany Dykes
Judy Earling
Erica Edicha
Elemental Air
David Elert
Wendy and Randy Engel
Katie Erickson
Margaret Esslinger
Austin Evans
Ayolanda Evans
Betsy Lee and Karen Evans
Megan Feeney
David Fenrick
John Filby
David and Elizabeth Finch
Kristi and Bobby Finn
Steve Firkus
Alice First
First Avenue Productions, LLC
Linda and Robert Fisher
Rachel Flanders
Dorrie Fleischer
KC Foley
Karla Forsyth
Denise Fosse
Gayle Foster Lewis
Katherine Fox
Rhonda Franklin
Barbara Friedman and Lon Rosenfield
Rosemary and Arthur Froehle
Heidi and Andrew Frye
Jean Fuller
Tracey Fussy
Tim Gaetz
Megan Gaffey
Daniel and Colette Gallagher
Tom Galligan
Payton Gallogly
Laura Gandrud
Deanna Gardner
Jessica Garner
Carole Garrigos
Nancy and Mark Gaschott
Kathy Larson Gaskins and Steve Gaskins
Erica Gates
Beth Gendler
Debra Gibson
Jane Gilgun
Elliot and Laura Ginsburg
Jamal Gipson
Trixieann Girtz Goldberg
Trey Gladney
Peter Gleekel
Jeri Glick-Anderson
Sally Godfrey
Ezra Golberstein
Christina Haddad Gonzalez
Elizabeth Grabek
Lindsey Graff
Elizabeth Grant
Great Clips, Inc.
Great River Energy
Molly Greenman
Rob Grunewald
Guardian Angels Church
Dennis Gudim
Sarah Gundry
Catherine and Curt Gunsbury
Amy Gunther
Nick Halter
Dana Hamilton
Hamline University
Kerri Hammer
Linda Anderson and Timothy Hammett
Colleen Ayers and Aaron Hanauer
Ellen and Jim Hancock
Josh Hansen
Rhonda Hansford
Grace Hanson
Yuri Harper
John Harrington
Richelle Hart-Peeler
Lucy Hartwell
Robert Harvey
Teresa Hatfield
Jayne Haugen Olson
Noah Hauser
Roy Hawkinson
Lucy and Jeff Heegaard
Harold Heinze
Thad Hellman
Cynthia Hendricks
Shannon Hendricks
Colleen Heneghan
Chris Heng
Randi Yoder and Michael Henley
Marshall and Denise Hertz
Ben Hertz
Kenya Hester
Michele Hickman
Jana Hickman
Jim Hield
Cindy Hillyer
Alissa Hilman
Jeff Hnilicka
Nina Holiday-Lynch
Kelly Holley
Ellen Holt-Werle
Rev. Melanie Homan
Iris Hoover
Bernadette Hornig
Jessica Hose
David Hough
Joy Houska
Pat Hoven
Cindy Howard
Jean Howell
Terri Hoy
Leah Hubbard
Janice Hughes
Shirley Hughes
Nora and Dennis Hunchar
Lindsey Hunter
Natasha Hunter
Shatia Hunter
Julie Hurbanis
Doreen Frankel and Jake Hurwitz
Bridget Hust
John and Hilary Hutt
Nancy Hylden
IBM Employee Services Center
India Hicks
Brad Ingber
Chris Iverson
Leeya Jackson
Larry Jacobs
Jeremy Jacobs
Mary Jenkins
Karla Jennings
Lauren Jensen
JK Group Inc
Bradley Joern
Julie Gillette Johns and Tommy Johns
Allison Johnson
Bernadeia Johnson
Irma Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Kelley Johnson
Lea Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Melissa and Casey Johnson
Shelley Johnson
Sue Johnson LaGue
Maggie and Brad Johnston
Jody Jonas
Peggy Jondahl
Shannon Jones
Heidi Joos
Michael Jordan
Suzy Kaback
Paul Kaefer
Tamara Kaiser
Anika Kaleewoun
Lizzy Shay and Sam Kaler
Kristen Kallestad
Kaitlyn Kelleher
Melissa Kellen
Kelley-Hofstrand Charitable Fund
Stephanie and Douglas Kelly
David Kelly
Kate Kelly
Morgan Kennedy
Sue Kephart
Lisa Keske
Karl Keyzer
Nancy Killilea
Ann King
Andrew Kiragu
Sue Kirchhoff
Emily Kittleson
Nancy Klausner
Jeff Kluge
Deb and Kent Knutson
Jean and Mark Knutson
Marissa Kocaman
Andrew Koch
Denise Konen
Fr. Dale Korogi
Janet Kramer-Barr
Amanda Kreider
Nora Kreml
Jan and Gene Kruchoski
Ruth Kurth-Schai
Katie Ladas
Sue J. LaGue
Rebecca Lahr
Lindsay Lajiness
Mimi Lam
Amanda Lanser
Maren Lapham
Chantell Larkins
Ann Larson
David Larson
Evelyn LaRue
Channy Leaneagh
Paul Lebens-Englund
Bao Lee
Debbie Lee
Jonathan Lee
Thomas Leighton
Kelly Leischow
Mark Leski
Shelly Lettmann
Adi Leviatan
Stephanie Levine
Erin Lewis
Katherine Lewis
Melissa Lewis
Nancy Lewis
Searcy and John Lillehei
Brian Lipschultz
Amy Litman
Calvin Littlejohn
Living Table United Church of Christ
Hope Lockett
Ray Lockman
Patricia Lowe Delaney
Jenifer Lowell
Ruth Lowenthal
Ali Lozoff
Karen Lu
Dave Lucas
Mary and Robert Lucas
Peggy and Dave Lucas
Ellen Goldberg Luger and
Andrew Luger
Kathryn and John Lundquist
Michelle Lungelow
Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer
Macalester College
Sue and Robert MacDonald
Lydia Major
Catherine Malmberg
William Manske
Ingrid Marchek
Charlotte Mardell
Nicole Mardell
Sage Marmet
Jamie Marshall
Christine Martin
Michelle Martin
Patricia and William Martin
Jose Martinez
Trevor Martinez
Brenda Martinson
Geoffrey Maruyama
Jeanne Massey
Benito Matias
Dana Mavros
Cheryl Mayberry
Denise Mayotte
Anne Mahle and David McCarthy
Laverne McCartney Knighton
Elisabeth McClean
Laurie Davis and Scott McConnell
Theresa McCormick
Cora McCorvey
Cynthia McCreary
Al McFarlane
Amy McKee
Susan McKinnell
Mette McLoughlin
Lorraine Mesken
Roxann Metz
Aimee Meyer
Pam Meyers
Kelsey and Joseph Midthun
Jenny Mikkelson
Jayne Miller
Mary Miller
Mary Miller
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller
Sheila and Richard Miller
Minnesota Historical Society
Emily Mitchell
Tisa Mitchell
Matthew Mohning
Hayley Monnens
Delilah Montgomery
Kate Moos
Brianna Mooty
Jhantaya Morgan
Beth Morrison
Dana Mortenson
Jessica Mueller
Virginia Mulcahy
Steve Mullaney
Michaela Mumbleau
Diana and John Munger
Bryan Munson
Katherine Murphy
Tracy Murphy
Bruce Murray
Tom Murray
Leaetta Hough and Robert Muschewske
Chia-Yin Lo and Papak Nabipay
Betsy Narr
Navigate Forward, Inc.
Hanna Nedrud
Jason Neff
Anna Nelson
Dana Nelson
Janet and Thomas Nelson
Judy Nelson
Stephanie Nelson
Bruce Nemer
Debra Ann Ness
New Horizon Academy
Kristi Nichols
Jessica Nickrand
Barb Nicol
Jennifer Nordstrom
Ravi Norman
Megan Normandin
Ryan Novak
Jon Nudi
Rita and Mark Nupen
Nick Nusbaum
Kelly Nussbaum
Arlene and Gerald Nystuen
Shawn O’Donnell
Patricia O’Leary
Jenn O’Rourke
Laurie Ohmann
Cindy and Cully Olmanson
Doug and Jacqueline Olson
Elizabeth Brackett and Fred Olson
Gretchen Olson
Jon Olson
Leslie and Josh Olson
Melissa Olson
Pamela Olson
Ryan Onken
Rinal and Gitch Onsongo
Pamela Opland
Donna Opp
Ann Orchard
Ashley Orman
Christian Osmundson
Todd Otis
Gretchen Otto
Tamera Owens
Tola Oyewole
Anne Paape
Cory Padesky
Kelly Page
Chuck Palm
Jill Palmquist
Michelle Palo
Nathaniel Paradise
Doug Parish
Barbara Pierson and Paul Patton
Cheryl Paullin
Sarah and Nick Pearson
Pappu Periakaruppan
Talia Pesky
Blakely and Ryan Petersen
Tom Phelan
Robin Phillips
Bergen Pickett
Sharon Pierce
Glenn Pierson
Ann Ruhr Pifer
Emily Pisetsky
Andrew Plesko
Scott Plummer
Plymouth Congregational Church
PMR Foundation
Polaris Industries Inc
Becky Polster
Sherman Powell
Torey Prahl
Emily Pripas
Jean Quam
Mrs. and Mr. Quiring
Nancy and Richard Rademacher
Lisa Radzak
Thomas Mychael Rambo
Rance Rand
Susan Rankin
Jane Ranum
Leslie Rapp
Eva Rasmussen
Bridget Rathsack
Megan Reardon
Sarah Reed
Sheila Riggs
Lori and Andrew Riley
Charles Ritchie
Christine Ritchie
Mary Ritten
Robbinsdale United Church of Christ
Robin Wellness Center
Opal Robinson
Brian Rochel
Gilbert Rodman
Meg and Tony Rodriguez
Diane Roeing
Andrea Roethke
Ann Rogers
Karen Rogers
Deb Rohloff
Janet Roller
Jay Rosenberg
Michael Rossman
Jack and Marty Rossmann
Sommer Roux
Andrea and Jim Rubenstein
Jacqueline and William Rudelius
John Russell
St. Luke Presbyterian Church
Saint Paul Branch AAUW
Elizabeth Salisbury
Ellen Sampson
Sahil Sanghvi
Anisha Sapho
Brooke Saucier
Christina Saunders
Ted Schatz
Ruth and John Scheef
Robyn Schein
Elyse Scheuer
Maia Schifman
Cody and Erica Schimelpfenig
Megan Schletty
Molly Schomburg
Joy and Michael Schreder
Katie and Jeremy Schroeder
Judy Schuck
Mary and Eric Schultz
Benedict Schweigert
Susan Hopp and Karl Schweikart
Karen Seashore
Miriam Seidenfeld
Daniel Sellers
Joe Selvaggio
Dick Senese
Lisa Seward Perry
Zach and Jess Shaheen
Drew and David Shapiro
Ellen and Richard Shelton
Michael Shelton
Victoria Shipley
Sue Sjoselius
Andrew Slattengren
Lynn Slifer
Carolyn Smallwood
Ted Smetana
Nell and Chris Smith
Dane Smith
Julie Smolich
Sheila and Andrew Smude
Aaron Sojourner
Elizabeth Sorensen
Paula Sotelo
Andrea Soule
Lucy Sowers
Marge Spannaus
Jake Sperber
Tobin Spiller
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Severin St. Martin
Paul St. Martin
Sam Stein
Alex Steinman
Danielle Stellner
Laurel Stephenson
Bridget Stevens-Murphy
Chandra Stone
Gerald Strauss
Sarah Strehl
Jay Stroebel
Patricia Stromen
Louis Suarez
Leslye Suarez
Irene Suddard
Adele Lenning and
Christopher Sullivan
Cindy Suplick
LaToya Surratt
Graham Sutherland
Tyler Swanson
Susan Tapp
Marilyn Taylor
Shirene Taylor
Tracy Taylor
Bruce Templeton
Tennant Foundation
The James Hartzell Family Foundation
The JK Group
The Langdon Inc
The Saint Paul Foundation
Nicole Thomas
Kate Thornton
Trevor Throntveit
Paula and Thomas Tierney
Mark Tierney
Maura and James Tierney
Tierney Brothers Inc
Anthony Tolliver
Bailey Tomson
Jane Townsend
Margaret Trenda
Erin Tressler
Rena and John Turnham
Alanna Tyler
Leif Ueland
Christopher Everett and William Underwood
United Way of Central Ohio
University of Minnesota
Nan Upin
Johnathan Van Arneman
Joelle Van Gaalen
Lynn and David Vander Haar
Vanguard Charitable
Deanne and Joseph Vaughan
Chantelle and Cory Vaughn
Karla Vehrs
Frances Veit
Dominic Venturo
Lisa Vertin
Tracy and Diane Vig
Anton Vincent
Lindy Vincent
Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis
Daniel and Georgeann Vogel
Sarah Vos
Sarah Wade
Dennis and Debra Wagner
Janie Walker
Maricarol and Jon Wallace
Stacy and Michael Walters
Connie Wanberg
Warby Parker/JAND, INC.
Taejon Ward
Tim Ward
Jody Warden
Shelley Carther Watson
Andrew Watt
Katy Friesz and Jason Watt
Alan Webb
Linda and Steve Webster
Mary Weddle
David Weiler
Luke Weisberg
Mark Welter
Daniel Weninger
Brenda Westphal
Kathie and David Whelchel
Daniel White
Jaton White
Terrence White
Austin Wiebe
Chavonn Williams
Katie Williams
Lisa & Jt Williams
Lucretia Williams
Zack Williams
Laura Willodson
Adebisi and Joffrey Wilson
Geoff Wilson
Angela Wittrock
Martha Wittrock
Hillary Wolcott
Megan Wolle
Susan and Michael Wootten
Lauren Worley
Eliza Wright
Jaime Wright
Leslie Wright
Elisabeth Wurtmann
Elizabeth Wynne
Angelica Youngman
Rita Ytzen
Alicia Zagel
Sandy Zeis
Sue and Alvin Zelickson
Debra Rappaport and Robert Zelle
Holly Ziemer
Emily Ziring
Blair Pogue and Dwight Zscheile
Timothy Zuel
Kathleen Brady and David Zumeta

*NOTE: Friends of the Future are those who have given $1,000 or more. We make every effort to ensure the accurate acknowledgment of donors. This list is for donations given during Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017). If you have updates to this list or would like information on giving opportunities, please call the NAZ development office at (612) 594-8294.