Parents ‘N Power: Part 2: Fellowship Training

In the fall of 2019, five NAZ Parents ‘N Power were awarded a fellowship that included $1200.00 paid training in “The No Data About Us Without Us” fellowship training program. The fellowship was facilitated by the Twin Cities innovation Alliance through the Education Partnership Coalition and organized by Parent Leadership Coordinators.

This seven month fellowship took 25 parents throughout the state of Minnesota on a virtual journey of learning all about data from the systems that collect them, the historical biases involved and its effect on our community and scholars’ education. Parents studied how data is collected, how it’s handled and shared out, and what that meant for community, household, and the future of education. It strengthened the parent advocacy toolkit as parents learned different strategies to secure their personal information and  using data to build education equity, and other public systems change. It also made sure the parent or caregiver’s voice stands out in decision making spaces.

We would like to shout out our five parents for taking the fellowship journey for our children, for our future. Congratulations and thank You to Calahena Merrick, Dominique Mays, Angelina Courtney, Nichole Flowers, and Ogi Carter. A final group fellowship presentation will be available this fall.