NAZ Logo Survey Spring 2015

NAZ is looking for feedback about 3 possible new logos.

Who should take the survey?
a.  NAZ-enrolled scholars in grades 4 through 12. We cannot survey students who are not enrolled in NAZ.
b.  NAZ Parent Advisory Board
c.   NAZ Staff
d.   NAZ Partner Staff

What should I know about the survey? The survey features gear, like jackets and hats that sport the proposed new logos. These images were created in photoshop. We do not actually have gear available, and at this time we do not know if we will ever have that kind of gear available.

How long is the survey?
The survey should take from 5-10 minutes.

What is the deadline for having scholars take the survey?
We need all feedback by Friday, May 8.

Who do I call about technical difficulties or questions about the content in the survey? Laura Wolff at NAZ, 612-741-8956.