What is NAZ?

A Results-Focused Collaborative

To improve the egregious disparities that face our community, “doing good work” is no longer enough for our organizations.

The NAZ collaborative is at the forefront of a next-generation nonprofit movement that focuses on getting results. We are a 501(c)3 federal Promise Neighborhood that operates as both an organization and a collaborative of more than 40 service providers and schools, supported through a public-private partnership.

Through NAZ, North Minneapolis is beginning a community-wide transformation toward a college-going culture. Parents are now making college a top family priority and taking effective action to support the success of their children, starting at birth. Nonprofits, public institutions, and schools are adopting evidence-based practices and working collaboratively to support the shared goal of college readiness. Together, we are leading innovative efforts to close the academic achievement gap for low-income children of color.

Each NAZ solution is designed to deliver measurable progress toward eradicating educational and social disparities—and to be easily replicated by communities across the nation.